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our story

Cedar Hills Sound was founded by William Duncan in December of 2001 as a mobile multitrack digital recording studio serving central Illinois. In the first few years we recorded primarily local jazz musicians, but our repertoire has grown to include gospel, country, blues, rock, folk, and bluegrass artists from across the country.

While many of the recordings are captured live in concert, we can also record in our studio. In addition, we have access to a number of facilities for larger ensemble recordings such as the Performing Arts Center at Illinois Central College.

Our sound reinforcement services bring state-of-the-art audio technology to small and medium sized venues. We provide audio for the Central Illinois Jazz Society’s monthly concerts, the Thursday night summer series of concerts on the CEFCU stage, Kelleher's St. Patrick's Day and their 4th of July events as well as the annual world class Rootabaga Jazz Festival. We also provide sound services for Crossroads United Methodist Church as well as many of the local/regional groups in central IL.

Cedar Hills Sound will deliver exceptional, worry-free audio support for your event. Whether you are interested in recording your concert, producing a demo CD or full commercial release, or simply require our sound reinforcement services, we'll make it sound incredible.